FAQs / Support for Canon, Sony, … DSLRs

The single most frequently asked question about Sofortbild is: “Does Sofortbild support my camera?” or “When will Sofortbild support my camera?”. “my camera” is a placeholder for any not yet supported Nikon or any Canon, Sony, etc. DSLR on the market.

tl;dr: Sofortbild only works with the specific Nikon DSRL cameras outlined on the Supported Nikon Cameras page. Models from other manufacturers like Canon, Sony, Olympus or others are not supported at this time.

Since releasing Sofortbild (and Nikon Control before renaming the software) we got emails asking for support of basically every DSLR ever released.

Sofortbild currently uses the Nikon camera drivers exclusively. Canon provides SDKs for third party developers like Nikon does. Both SDKs do not have much in common, which means most of the code would need to be rewritten from scratch to add support for Canon cameras. Adding support for Sony and other DSLRs is even harder.

Sofortbild currently only has a single developer, working on it as a private side project. Although Sofortbild has become one of the most used applications for tethered shooting, it does not generate any revenue. A few people have donated some money in the past, for which the original developer was very grateful. Nevertheless, this was never enough to make a solid investment into Sofortbild. With that said, Sofortbild is still being actively developed, adding some features, fixing problems and supporting new Nikon cameras as SDKs become available.

But, unfortunately there is no specific plan to support other vendors in addition to Nikon any time soon.

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