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The idea

The value for a virtual good like a piece of software is very different, depending on who you are and what you do with it. Some of our users are still in school and use their parents camera to explore photography. Others are professional photographers using Sofortbild in a studio. We want you to donate the amount that feels adequate for the value you are getting out of the app.

We have established several tiers. If none fits your needs, please contact us and we’ll figure something out.

You believe the amounts are too high? Developing quality software is a tedious process that takes lots of energy and creativity, and of course time. In addition, we also need at least a few of those supported Nikon cameras to test the functionality of Sofortbild. As you are aware, those beautiful cameras are expensive. Also, consider the price of any of your cameras compared to that of Sofortbild.


We are proud to be supported by our users. For the higher tiers we will get back to you and offer you a special place on and our social channels. As a photographer level supporter we offer to list your name on this page. For Sponsoring Supporters we also show your name/company and link to your site. Finally, we’d love to show a logo for Gold Sponsors and spread the word on our social media channels.

Donated before?

When transitioning Sofortbild from the original creator, we did not receive any data on earlier sponsors and customers. If you have donated before please contact us if you want to apply for any of the specials outlined above. Also feel free to donate again. We haven’t received the previous donation you made years ago.

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