Sofortbild 1.0.1

Sofortbild 1.0.1 is available for download. The new version is basically the beta version that was available since a few months now. It needs Mac OS X 10.5.0 or later including 10.6 and works with Nikon D3x, D3, D2xs, D2hs, D2x, D2h, D1x, D1h, D1, D700, D300, D200, D100, D90, D80, D70s, D70, D60, D50, D40x, D40 and D5000.

There are no new features besides the support for all remaining camera models. The GPS location is now shown at the correct position in the map in the inspector.

Please use the auto update feature of Sofortbild to install the latest version.

52 thoughts on “Sofortbild 1.0.1

  1. Frans Drent

    Too bad you were not able to make the support for the D300s possible yet. But I will be checking the site from time to time.

  2. Peter

    Hi there !
    Congratulation, you’re now the first
    hit, when using the Google-search for
    ” Sofortbild ” :) :) :)

    One Question….
    I used Sofortbild in my Macbook Pro( Leopard ).
    Worked fine with Nikon D70s.
    Now i’m running SL 10.61, with the Beta Version of Sofortbild.
    With SL (Clean install- ) the capturing doesn’t work anymore.
    Is it fixed, in the new version?
    Greetz and Thanx for developing,,,,,
    Peter ( deadpixxel )

  3. Peter

    Hi there !

    Congratulations ! You’re now the first hit on Google, if the keyword is
    ” Sofortbilld “.

    Thanx for fixing the capture – problem Macbook Pro/ SL 10.61 – NIKON D70s.
    What did you do ? Perhaps its possible to fix the same problem in Aperture – SL 10.61 the same way you diid.

    Thanx for your work and your developing “Sofortbild”.
    Greetz Peter ( deadpixxel )

  4. Shaq

    Great app. One issue: I’ve used the beta successfully for a few months, then downloaded the 1.0.1 yesterday to update and it started crashing. What would happen is it would take 2-3 shots properly, then lose connection with the camera (D300), and occasionally just crash.

    I uninstalled it and re-installed the beta – and it works great. Known bug?



  5. Liam

    Hi, just wanted to say thank you for developing this great App and making it available for all to use. I have been looking for ages to find a tethered shooting solution for my D40x and Mac – mainly because Adobe are too slow/reluctant to incorporate it into Lightroom!! Will send your website link to all. Thanks again :-)

  6. Bud Simpson


    Fantastic, well-designed app. Nice work. It was badly needed since Nikon has lagged in their efforts at a Snow Leopard update.

    Bud Simpson – Nikon D700, MacBookPro3,1, 10.6.1

  7. jtreglos

    Awesome app ! It works fine with my friend’s D700, but I can’t get it to work with my brand new D300s. Is this camera supported yet ?

  8. Joseph

    Nice smooth app but it has been crashie lately. I’m using the d90 with my mbp and it will crash with heavy (10 pic per min) use. Also it will always crash if i have it on spot focus and the camera can’t find something to focus on. It’s just gets stuck and i have to force close. It has a wonderfully simple interface and when humming along i love it.

  9. P M

    Hello Stefan, I got to your website by a search for Nikon SDK, which is something I’m desperately looking for. I have no idea what your Sofortbild does but can you help me in anyway? I am trying to control my Nikon D50′s shutter and exposure settings…

    Many thanks

  10. Robert


    This is the solution I was looking for. While Aperture seems to work well, I do not want to buy it just for the tethering capabilty with my D200 and my iMac. I already have LR2 and is far better for the post processing.

    Are you planning on a LR plug in in the future? I hope so!

    Auf Widersehen!

    Hope to see future updates.

  11. Maaike


    Great tool, friend of mine is now giving it a try with his D300, but I’m stuck with my D300s. Any chance there comes a fix in the near future?


  12. Jim Vetter

    What are your plans for supporting the new Nikon D3s?

    The latest build of Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 works with the D3s but I had it fail on me during a live shoot over the weekend. It just stopped capturing images and froze up.

    I’d prefer to use Sofortbild.



  13. Farzad


    This is a very good tool. Thanks for making it available to everyone.

    I am not able to use it with my D300. I know the Inspector requires an Internet connection which I don’t have where I use this. Does the entire program require that?

    The D300 has MTP/PTP setting for communication and that is what I have mine set at. I am using Snow Leopard on a McBook Pro and the latest version of your software.

    Thanks again.

  14. Helmut

    Servus Stefan,

    Is Sofortbild a Universal Binary?

    Any plans for building a complementary iPhone/Touch app?

    Gruesse aus Neuseeland


  15. Martin


    Sofortbild scheint ein spannendes Tool zu sein. Leider erkennt es meine NIKON D300s nicht. Erstaunlich, daß sich D300 und D300s in diesem Punkt unterscheiden.


  16. Jim Sherman

    I really hope you will be able to add the D300s to your list of supported cameras. I’d cheerfully pay for your application providing it was substantially cheaper than the Nikon rip-off software.

  17. Juan Cruz

    Regarding image quality transfers when shooting in RAW, there is almost an agreement among experts, that Nikon Software (like Capture NX 2) has the best representation of what the camera actually sees compared to what is achieved by Apple Aperture or iPhoto. I would prefer working with Aperture 2, but the difference in RAW processing in favor of Capture NX 2 is very noticeable to me.
    Did you take this matter into account when writing Sofortbild? Is there any RAW (Nikon version) conversion improvement in Apple software?

  18. Pierre

    Hi Stefan!
    I can only agree with all the rest. This app is really cool. It works fine on my old Nikon D80, but like Jim Vetter says… it doesn’t work with the Nikon D3s. When (if) do you think Sofortbild will have support for this model?
    Best regards,

  19. Michael Balle-Pedersen

    I so much look forward to you adding support for Canon to Sofortbild. I have looked at Breeze DSLRRemote Pro, but it is so depressingly bad.

    Canon has a nice SDK/Framework you can use. :-)


  20. Dan

    Any chance of any support for the nikon D3000, very similar to the D60 so cant imagine mutch needed to be done to get it working.


  21. Greg DOwnie

    Beautiful app, works nicely with my D90. Have a few issues with bulb mode but I havent sat down to have a proper look at it yet.

    Thank you for your work in providing a stunning piece of free software.

  22. Alan

    Hey Stefan,
    Awesome software. I use it quite a bit. Any plans to support live view so you can watch the live view on the computer screen? Would be great for capturing video – using the laptop screen as the monitor instead of the lcd on the back of the camera.

  23. Gerard Dacles

    Very impressive Software!

    I was in desperate need for a tethered software just days before my product shoot. Good thing I found Sofortbild.

    Got it working with my 17″ MacBookPro 2.33, Nikon D300 and Lightroom 2.

  24. Ben

    Just wanted to say thanks for your efforts with this app, it’s come in very handy for me, particularly when using rented or unfamiliar macbooks etc.

    It’s also come in quite handy with time lapse videos; I’d been using cheap canon p&s cameras with the hacked CHDK firmware, but with sofortbild and a macbook I can just use up the shutters on my old D70/D100 bodies and get great dynamic range, DOF control, wider lenses, etc etc etc, all with plenty of res for great 1080HD output.

  25. Dan

    Love Sofortbild! Will be using it for tethered shooting whenever I can. One thing I’m missing is the ability to start numbering sequence from the number of my choice (not just resetting to “1″). If I had that feature this software would be PERFECT. Congratulations on a your wonderful work!

  26. Phil

    Again a thanks from me for a great software. Running 1.01 beta using live view on a D700 – love it. Some things you may want to consider is adding control of mirror lock up from the mac and the ability to shoot while in live view (D700 will allow this). Other than that, all controls are simple and having a large review window is great. Keep up the great work.

  27. Matthew Weinstein

    Just tried the new beta. It’s great tethering and live view, but it would be great if they were “combined.” At least with the D300, I can live view (but not shoot) or shoot (but not live view). It would be wonderful if the shutter button were active and it would stop the live view, shoot, start the live view again in that mode… Quicker than me doing so at any rate.

  28. Luis Chales

    Thanks for your app. I have a quick question, why does my images look soo different when i see it in your viewer after shoot and later when i’m editing in capture nx 2?

  29. Alejandro Ilukewitsch

    Hi thanks for this great application I just discover it and it seems to be great, but i been having issues to make live view work, the mirror does luck up as you can hear it, but no image shows on the computer nor i am able to take a pic. Must I do something else? Disable firewall, etc,…?


  30. nikon988

    Hi, i have the same problem with liveview…no image with my Nikon D3. Can i record the liveview…to make a movie with D3 or D2?

  31. Tobi

    Hey! perfect tool!
    i used it with a D60 and upgraded today to a D7000. Any plans to support the D7000?
    would be great!


  32. Tony

    Also just found out it doesn’t seem to work with D7000. I tried it in the past on D40X and it worked for me – was looking to use it again with new camera. Any plans to support D7000 eventually? If so, please let us know.


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