Sofortbild and OS X El Capitan

As some of you have noticed and already told us, Sofortbild is currently not able to recognize connected cameras when running on OS X El Capitan, the latest operating system version recently released by Apple.

We are still investigating the problem in our limited spare time. Currently it looks like the problem is rooted in the Nikon SDKs that we are using to talk to the cameras. If that turns out to be the case, there’s not a lot we can do, except hoping that Nikon will release updated versions of the SDKs for all of their cameras. Given the history of Nikon however, this is not the most likely scenario.

For now the only workaround is to keep using Sofortbild on Yosemite, the previous version of OS X, or an even older version.

We will keep you updated as we learn more.

Recent Sofortbild download problems

A number of users have contacted us regarding problems downloading Sofortbild from the Mac App Store.

Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do. Apple hosts the Mac App Store and all app downloads. We’ve seen issues come and go with Sofortbild and other apps through the last few days, but by now most downloads seem to be working again, including Sofortbild.

If you experience problems, please retry downloading on the following day. If problems persist, please contact Apple support.

Sorry for the inconvenience!