Sofortbild-like solutions for iPad

We recently got a few requests for an iPad version of Sofortbild. Sadly, that’s not something we’ll be doing any time soon, partly because it’s technically impossible.

If you are looking to remotely control/inspect your DSLR with your iPad, there’s the wireless solution of CamRanger, a hardware box that tethers to your DSLR and offers a Wi-Fi to connect iPad to. Not a perfectly elegant solution IMHO, but it seems to work. CamRanger starts at around $300, but you’ll need some extras like a charger.

Also, just today I picked up the news on Manfrotto Director, a new tethered solution for DSLRs. It’s basically a rugged case for iPad that has a USB connector on the back. Seems to be slightly geared towards videographers, but still a cool piece of technology. Can’t find it on Manfrotto site yet, but Adorama has a preview page that lists a $500 price tag.

Please leave a comment if you know about other solutions, so we can augment the post.