Sofortbild 1.4 Beta 2 for D610

A new Sofortbild beta is out, this time adding support for the Nikon D610, in addition to what b1 had to offer. Please sign up on HockeyApp if you have a D610 and are willing to test. One or two more testers for D4s and Df wouldn’t hurt either. Thank you!

In the meantime, Nikon released their development kit for the D5500, but unfortunately it differs quite a lot from previous SDKs, so there’s no easy or quick way to integrate it. We are looking into possible solutions, but it’ll take a while. Sorry about that.

Nikon has also announced the brand-new D7200, but that isn’t even shipping yet, so no need to ask us for support. A software development kit for third parties might still be months out. Given the changes for the D5500, we have to assume that this one will also be very hard to support.

Sofortbild 1.4 Beta 1

Good news, finally! We have a first beta version of Sofortbild 1.4 available that supports a whole bunch of new camera models:

  • D810
  • D750
  • D5300
  • D4s
  • Df

Unfortunately the D610 slipped through for now and the SDK for the D5500 has just been released the other day, so that’s also still missing. A future beta will include those two. Thanks for your patience!

If you are willing to help us test and make sure that the above models work as expected, please sign up at HockeyApp now.

Finally, we have a shiny new Donation page. If you have been using Sofortbild for some time or want to encourage us to keep up the work, please consider donating a reasonable amount to the development of Sofortbild. Thank you very much in advance!