Support for new Nikon cameras coming…

Just a quick heads-up that we are indeed working on a new Sofortbild version that will include support for the following recent Nikon camera models: D4s, D810, D750, D610, D5300 and Df.

There’s no SDK from Nikon for the D5500 yet, so we can’t support it in Sofortbild.

Unfortunately we can’t specify a release date yet. We’ll post another update once we know more.

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audrey braddock


Thanks Florian. I want to be using sofortbild with the newer nikons – looking forward to it.

Dave Holman


D750 USERS UNITE!!! I’ve just donated $20. Let’s all donate what we can to help them provide support for the D750.



Hey what about the D3300, I get there is no API released but not even enough for limited funcitionality, I notice that there are a few apps like DSLR Dashboard that do connect to the D3300 using the wu-1a, the problem is that DSLR Dashboard is really poorly developed.

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