D800(E) Problems

I received several reports from users having problems with a D800 or D800E. The camera seems to toggle between “PC” and normal mode after the camera has been detected. I am not sure why this is happening (and I don’t have a D800 yet to debug it myself). Is there anybody with a D800 or D800E who does not have this issue when using Sofortbild?

It would also be interesting to know whether people having this issue with their D800(E) see the same when using Camera Control Pro 2.

Update: It seems like the D800(E) firmware update does not solve this issue.

Update 2: With the latest update the issues on the D800(E) and D600 should be fixed.

Sorry that it took such a long time to fix that issue. I did not get my D800 until very recently and I was not able to debug bug this issue remotely.