Nikon D70, D100, … issues

There is currently no support for Nikon D50, D70, D100, D1 and D2 in Sofortbild because Nikon does not provide camera drivers for third-party developers for these models. I am working on that but unfortunately can’t promise anything yet. So please stay tuned, I will let you know when there is something to test for you.

Sofortbild 1.0

I am really happy to announce that Nikon Control now is called Sofortbild. Sofortbild 1.0 is based on Nikon Control Beta 3 with some small bugfixes, new name and icon. In addition the Inspector now has a HUD design and there is a help book.

I would like to thank Mario Fraikin for his great work on the product icon and the other graphics used in Sofortbild. Without his help Sofortbild wouldn’t look so nice.

Please visit the Sofortbild Website to download the latest version. The website is temporary and will be updated soon with a new design and more information.